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Lean enables companies to build and launch cutting-edge financial products.

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At Lean, we strongly believe that consumers should be in control of their data.

Our product provides consumers with the most secure method to share their financial data with their favorite Fintech apps without compromising on their privacy.

With Lean, consumers remain in control of their data through our brand new Consumer Consent Portal.

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Lean’s comprehensive API enables developers to effortlessly connect to their users’ financial accounts.

By leveraging our platform, developers can seamlessly build best-in-class financial products without worrying about the complex infrastructure layer, thus allowing them focus on what matters most — the consumer!


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Payments API - Coming Soon

Our Payments API facilitates bank-to-bank transfers so you can integrate payments into your customer experience.

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Providing incumbent Financial Institutions with a plug-and-play integration layer to scalably connect with emerging Fintechs without relinquishing control.

The Lean Integration Layer prioritizes security, performance, and usability, enabling Financial Institutions to fully leverage the potential for digital transformation with minimal time and resources.

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