Access real time data from your customer’s financial accounts

With Lean’s Data API, you gain instant access to account information and data with all the banks in Lean’s network.

Secure and private by design

We utilize best in class cybersecurity and encryption standards to ensure the security and privacy of customer data.

Easy to integrate

Our APIs are designed with the developer in mind, creating an easy-to-consume product with broad adaptability.

Seamless experience

Our Link SDK gracefully handles the customer's bank connection process, which is designed to optimize for customer conversion.

Build with Lean

Financial data, made accessible.

Lean provides four endpoints for fetching all the data you need from your customers.

  • Identity icon


    Retrieve an end user's identity data held by the financial institution.

  • Accounts icon


    Fetch the accounts your customer has with a bank.

  • Balances icon


    See the values held in each customer account.

  • Transactions icon


    Get an end-user's transactions data held by the financial institution.


1curl -X POST ‘ \ 
2  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \ 
3  --header 'lean-app-token: 40289089716ab818017178bc1cff0005'


2  "status": "OK",
3  "payload": {
4    "full_name": "Joe Bloggs",
5    "mobile_number": "478 633 4345 XXXX",
6    "gender": "MALE",
7    "national_identity_number": "739388015666",
8    "birth_date": "1986-12-23",
9    "email_address": "",
10    "address": "140 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, EC2A 4SD, London, UK",
11    "type": "identity"
12  },
13  "results_id": "6dd9c7d2-1c8c-4862-bb1f-fcf52f5033d4",
14  "message": "Data successfully retrieved",
15  "timestamp": "2020-07-31T07:11:39.862804Z"

Link SDK

Connect an account with 6 lines of code.

Our LinkSDK provides a frictionless experience to your customers when they connect their accounts and is designed to optimize for data privacy and customer conversion. The SDK can be integrated into your application with just 6 lines of code and handles all the complexities, allowing you to focus on the business logic of your applications.

Available on:

iOSAndroidWebReact Native{ 
2  app_token: '0e02e886f0ca41a4a73599e95dd46068',
3  customer_id: '38f6dcb1-f10a-45fe-8339-c075da97734c'
4  permissions: [
5    "identity",
6    "accounts",
7    "transactions",
8    "balance"
9  ]


Categorized transactions using AI/ML

Our Data API returns highly accurate categorized data as a basic feature. By applying our proprietary AI & ML models, our insights engine is able to accurately categorize over 99.8% of local transactions and it's improving every day!

  • Categorization icon


    Get clean data from source, without having to write any additional code.


2  "entity_id": "5d10b9c2-268f-399d-ab44-07bfef5230ed",
3  "account_id": "02c3ad38-4b63-4c8c-8aba-a051c22371f0",
4  "insights": true


2  "status": "OK",
3  "payload": {
4    "transactions": [
5      {
6        "id": "01e39a9c-a4ff-3429-a079-968ad1bbb0a3",
7        "description": "ALETIHAD CREDIT BUREAU ABU DHABI AE",
8        "amount": 84685.18,
9        "currency_code": "AED",
10        "pending": false,
11        "timestamp": "2021-01-31T00:00:00Z",
12        "insights": {
13          "description_cleansed": "ALETIHAD CREDIT BUREAU ABU DHABI AE",
14          "category": "LOANS_AND_INVESTMENTS",
15          "category_confidence": 0.99,
16          "type": "TRANSFER",
17          "type_confidence": 1
18        }
19      }
20    ],
21    "type": "transactions"
22  },
23  "results_id": "e4de381c-3fed-4e55-9cc4-bba094e352d8",
24  "message": "Data successfully retrieved",
25  "timestamp": "2021-02-08T15:41:37.186687Z"

Use cases

Products you can build with Data API.

Personal Finance

Help users manage, budget and make sense of their money.

Digital Accounting

Automate business finances for maximum efficency.


Help users invest and manage their finances.

Why Lean?

The architecture for the future of finance.


Lean implements protocols at source to keep data secure so your customer’s financial data is protected every step of the way.

One integration

With a single integration, you get access to an ever-expanding universe of financial institutions and capabilities, allowing a simpler, cleaner more scaleable codebase.

Direct Connection

We operate as close to the rails as possible, building on top of existing bank APIs and delivering best-in-class reliability for you and your customers.

Fully compliant

Lean is fully regulated in each market we operate in making us the ideal partner to navigate the complex regulatory frameworks across the region.

See Lean in action

Explore what its like to connect with Lean as a user and see the data you can extract using the LinkSDK and Data APIs.