One API. All your financial needs.

Developing within the fintech industry is full of complications and frustrations. We built Lean so developers can focus on innovating while we handle the complexities.

Security First

Lean implements the same and better security measure as banking incumbents. There’s nothing we take more seriously than the trust of our developers to handle their customer’s sensitive data.


Our technology is built with you in mind, from our SDK, which helps you link customer accounts in 5 lines of code, to our API with all the endpoints you need. Lean is a pleasurable and powerful experience.


Easy to build, even easier to extend. Our list of features and capabilities is constantly expanding — Lean is a partner you can scale with into the future and beyond.

Step 1

Create your application

Lean can be used with web, iOS and Android applications. Using our Link SDK, you can quickly onboard new customer accounts.

Our commitment to developers.

Lean is made for developers, by developers. Our obsession with serving the most delightful developer experience is what guides our every decision. We are committed to throwing our whole weight towards conquering every hindrance in a developer’s journey through fintech.

We can’t wait to use what you build.