You control your data.

We provide secure, reliable, state-of-the-art technologies so you can safely pick and choose what data you share with your favourite fintech apps and services.

Data control

Enjoy access to a world of financial products from some of the best in fintech. Choose the services that suit you and control what financial data you share.


Breathe easy knowing that your financial data is only shared with the services you’ve consented to. Lean uses bank-level security at all levels of its infrastructure and software.


Have absolute control over who can view your data and when. Nobody else (including Lean) will ever have access without your explicit consent.

Step 1

Log into your fintech app

Choose which accounts you’d like to connect to directly within the fintech app.

Keep in control of your data

Consumer Consent Portal.

Monitor, amend or revoke your consent to your chosen fintech app at any point using the Customer Consent Portal.

We mean it when we say you’re in control. Our state-of-the-art consent management protocols were built with your privacy and security as a priority.