🇦🇪 ADGM's FSRA grants the first Open Banking TPP Financial License to Lean Technologies 🏦

We’re building the infrastructure for fintech in the Middle East

Lean makes it easy for developers to connect to their users’ bank accounts, so they can focus on the true value they want to give to their users. We make sure that the connection to the bank is useful, reliable and secure.

We believe that the strength of a developer is their creativity. We’re leaving it in their hands to dream up and execute ideas that can change the fintech landscape of the Middle East — we’re just here to provide the pipes.

You build. We support.

Lean is building an integration layer on top of the banking infrastructure in the Middle East, enabling new technologies to leverage our applications.


Applications sit on top of our integration layer to manage and retrieve information about your customers.

Integration Layer

Any transforming data from multiple sources across many jurisdictions, we’re able to provide a single universal plug-and-play API.


Lean takes care of the complex infrastructure management — from data localizing to data transformation from banks in each region.